CHRONIC HANGOVER – Nero Inferno Italiano


 Combining doom, thrash and psych is no easy task, but these guys pull it off in spades on their debut album “Nero Inferno Italiano” (Black Italian Hell).  Active on the live scene since 2013, they take their influences as much from Black Sabbath as from Black Flag.


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1 Vituperio
2 Homunculus
3 Sociopatia
4 Regretudo
5 Tossine
6 Villa Triste
7 Alamut 2112
8 Nero Inferno Italiano
9 Lucifer In The Sky With Diamonds



Italian hardcore/metal hybrid with elements of down-tuned doom, metallic machine gun drumming and dusty desert riffs. Italy’s Chronic Hangover play a masterful blend of beer-saturated hardcore and weed-fueled desert doom.



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