Ufosonic Generator

Ufosonic Generator

UfosonicGenerator is a four-piece ensemble formed in 2011 to praise the
glorious splendor of the rock & roll age, and the gloomy depths of the doom
metal/stoner era, paying off their debt to bands such as Candlemass,
Cathedral, Pentagram, Coven, Uriah Heep and Lucifer’s Friend, to name a
few.  Ufosonic Generator’s music is riff-driven, with tight drumming,
thunderous bass and overflowing drunken vocals, inspired by the most wicked
and obscure music with esoteric and visionary lyrics.
They’ve released two 7″ EPs “Harold The Addicted, pt.1″ and “Harold The
Abducted, pt.2″ and a new full length album on the way with Italy’s famed
Minotauro Records that shows their vision in music..relentless and ritualistic
space-oriented lyrics and dark obscure riffs with plenty of proper gain
fueled by 70’s-style power drumming and plenty of hemp.  From addiction to
abduction, they’ve been released to spread the word that an over-driven
species is rising from above. Space is deep and we’re not alone; their
music is their voice from planet Earth..Again..Enjoy some alcoholic wicked
heavy doom & roll..just sit back and..acquire the taste.


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Music From the Labyrinth

Minotauro Records is a small, privately owned record label specializing in heavy metal.  Founded in the early 1980s, the label has released some of the most ground-breaking and genre-defining albums by Italian artists Paul Chain, Strana Officina, Death SS, Vanexa, and many others.  We also specialize in current and re-releases by bands from all over the world, including Tactics, Devil Childe, The Fury, Phantom Lord, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Bootlegs, Defyance, Super Massive Black Holes and the mighty Ogre!