Ross Markonish – Guitars

Ed Cunningham – Bass, Vocals

Will Broadbent – Drums


The Origins of OGRE:

The seeds of the band were planted in late ’99 when Ross and Will, then members of a monsterish cult, realized that it was time to fulfill their true calling: to kick out the jams! The concept in place, they now needed that missing piece of the riff rock puzzle. Enter Ed, bassist/vocalist extraordinaire and metalhead supreme. Ready to rock, Ed joined forces with Ross and Will and now they are here to blast you into the stratosphere with their deafening roar. . .

The Influences of OGRE:

Black Sabbath, Budgie, Deep Purple, KISS, Cactus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Dust, Buffalo, Rush, Captain Beyond, Blue Cheer, Pentagram, Hawkwind, Motorhead, Mountain, AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Bang, Poobah, Grand Funk Railroad, Toad. . .


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