Ian Fleming – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion


Ritual believes black metal is about doing whatever you feel. It is not about stereotypes and recycled, redundant bullshit. Life is about living now. Live your own way!!! – Ritual, Los Angeles CA USA.

Ritual has been an influential part of the metal scene since the early 90’s and is one of the 1st US black metal bands ever. Their first album “The Summoning” was released on Wild Rags Records in 1995 and has become a classic in the genre. They went on to create “Demonic Winter Metal” in 1997, “Soldiers Under Satan’s Command” and more. The band split up in the late ’90s and re-formed in 2011 to release “The Resurrection.” Ritual is currently playing live shows and a brand new album is in the works. A 20th anniversary re-issue of “The Summoning” is available now from Minotauro Records!!!



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