Savage Thrust

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Mike Puch-Bass

Rob Antilla-Guitars,Vocals

Pat Donofrio-Guitars

Michael Smith-Vocals

Edmund Varuolo-Guitars

Bobby Boch-Drums

Jim Gellentien-Bass

Savage Thrust

Here we have the debut album from Spanish thrashers Agresiva. Their brand of thrash is a particularly tasty one, and they certainly avoid a lot of the pitfalls of some of their peers. Everything from the production to the vocals proves this in spades, and the album certainly boasts a certain charm.

I’ve been finding it hard to pinpoint who their vocalist reminds me of, and I still have to be honest. The best comparison I can give it the minute is the Danish power metal band Iron Fire’s singer Martin Steene. The production is quite bright and polished, and reminds me of the latest Havok or recent Megadeth, although there is certainly enough bite in the riffs and guitar tone not to castrate this. The band’s sound also reminds me of Megadeth and of Lazarus A.D. in places. The riffs are chunky and well done, and the bass is well placed in the mix which is always a bonus.

Album opener “Pale Horse (Red D’eath)” shows what Agresiva can do, and with the exception of a decidedly dodgy vocal part towards the end, kicks a lot of tail. “Hell Town” is another awesome number, and totally reminds me of Megadeth’s The System Has Failed (think “Blackmail the Universe”). The title track stands out as a highlight here, with some blazing riffage and quality mid-period Megadeth styling to break things up.

All in all, I can safely say I’ve been impressed with Agresiva, and this is certainly a slight more interesting than your run of the mill new thrash act. I think the band has potential, and I’m definitely interested to see how they will grow. For now though, Eternal Foe is a solid debut, and whilst the vocals could put off some thrashers, for the most part I’d recommend checking this out.

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