Sunrunner creates progressive rock with an adventurous and exotic edge. Formed in 2007, the group set out combining their old school metal influences with elements of jazz and ethnic/ world music. Lyrically exploring the themes of nature, the cosmos, time travel, history and adventure, their musical vision expands further into a more focused direction with the recent release of their second full length ‘Time In Stone’. Like their debut ‘Eyes Of The Master’ 2011, the band continues to augment their sound with acoustics, flutes, percussion, cello and other instruments, except this time with the twin lead guitar assault for a more metal sound.

Joe Martignetti – electric and acoustic guitars/ bouzouki/ backing vocals. Other than being an original member of Sunrunner, he spent years finding musical influence in the arts of wilderness survival. For Joe, nature seemed to be the place where musical ideas were drawn from. From there came all the other inspiring topics such as astronomy, human cultures and any inclining of adventure. Along with being a huge fan of Sabbath, Rush, prog rock and metal, the fascination of the natural world opened the doors to world and ethnic music, which holds a primary element in the Sunrunner world.

Ted MacInnes – drumset/ percussion/ vocals. Ted joined Sunrunner after Joe and Frank started jamming the first tunes in 2007. A long time friend of Frank’s, Ted fit in perfectly. Although departing briefly in 2008/2009 replaced by Harley Smith, Ted returned to the band in time to write songs for the 1st record in 2010. His roots in jazz, rock and the ability to play odd meters and understand various rhythms (as well as being able to play any instrument) keeps him an integral part of Sunrunner.  He also spends time in his other band The Highway .

Douglas Porter has been writing, recording, and performing music in the state of Maine his whole life. Adept at many instruments (mainly guitar), Porter is fluent in jazz, folk and just about any other style that comes his way. His influence has been felt throughout Portland’s music scene over the last 10 years most potently in the arenas of the heavy and experimental. Whether it’s the blaring, precision rock of Covered in Bees, the psychotic death-grind-metal whirlwind of Confusatron, the effervescent space-surf sound of The Watchers, the lilting doom-lounge of Johnny Cremains , or the host of other musical escapades he is prone to from cover nights to film soundtracks, Doug continues to exemplify a spirit of bold musical innovation with his contribution to Sunrunner’s intricate guitar tapestry. 

David Joy – vocals/ acoustic and electric bass/ trombone. In 2009 the search for a singer brought the band  to David for his diverse abilities and knowledge in music. He received a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from UMF and is now the primary bass player for the band.  David also plays bass for Johnny Cremains, and has played for AOK Suicide Forest and Calais in the past.

Erik Neilson – acoustic and electric guitar/ baritone ukulele/ vocals . Erik provides acoustic complement to Sunrunner’s driving, electric sound. Founder of the boutique record label Lorem Ipsum Recordings, Neilson is a prominent force in the Portland, ME music scene. He also plays tenor guitar and sings in the critically acclaimed indie rock group Rural Ghost and releases solo material under his own name.



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