Super Massive Black Holes


Jake Reimer – Guitars

Denver Bergreen – Guitars, Vocals

Tristan Peterson – Bass, Vocals

Clay Steadman – Drums

Super Massive Black Holes

The band was formed in mid-2010 after Denver Bergreen (guitar,ex-bassist in Chaos Logic), freshly in need of a band, decided to start a casual “play-anything” project with his good friend Jake Reimer (guitar, bassist/vocalist in Statue of Demur). Shortly thereafter, Denver had a chance encounter with Clay Steadman (drums, Inspected By 40, ex-Seven Deadly Grins, RIP-One Eyed Snake), and he was snapped up and added to the roster. Then the last piece was acquired and Tristan Peterson (bass, Skulldozer) completed the lineup

Recently, SMBH has been consistently writing, recording and performing. Late 2012 saw the release of a new EP. A four-track nibble of what is ultimately coming in 2013 – a debut full length.

Calculations of the Ancients is the debut full-length album from Canadian death metal experimenters, Super Massive Black Holes. Blending Prog, Jazz-fusion, and other styles into melody-laden Death Metal, the intent was to connect many types of music together into a fused sound.


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