The Boohoos


Alex (Alessandro Renzoni) -vocals
The King (Roberto Russo) -guitar
Fuss (Andrea Serafini) -guitar
Adov Stone (Adamo Sonchini) -bass (1985-1988)
Baka Bomb (Riccardo Lampani) -bass (1988-1989)
Paul Chain (Paolo Catena) -organ (1986-1988)
Pantera (Fabio Pantera) -drums (1985-1988)
Eric Lümen (Enrico Giampaoli) -drums (1988-1989)

The Boohoos

The group, which takes its name from a song by The Stooges, was founded in November 1985 after a meeting among Alexander “Alex” Renzoni (vocals), Robert “King Eze” Russo (guitar), Andrea “The Mighty Fuss” Serafini (guitar), Fabio Panther (drums) and Adam “Adov Stone” Sonchini (bass) and in January 1986 Paul Chain joined them on organ. Some of the members dabbled in hardcore punk (the Dogs of Eze King and Adov Stone) and Paul Chain participated in various groups and projects such as Death SS and Paul Chain Violet Theatre.
In February 1986 they released their first demo tape entitled Bloody Mary, and after a year of gigs they landed at Electric Eye to lay down some tracks under the tutelage of Claudio Sorge. Their first EP was released in January 1987 under the title “The Sun, The Snake and The Hoo.” On 12 December, 1987 they returned to Electric Eye to begin their LP entitled Moonshiner. More mature than the previous album, Moonshiner garners international attention and is reviewed by Kerrang! In 1988 Paul Chain left the ban, and the rhythm section is replaced with Baka Bomb (bass) and Eric Lumen (drums). In 1989 Real Rock is released, seeing the band’s style veer toward a more conventional hard rock. Following the departure of Alex Renzoni the group broke up. Renzoni, Baka Bomb, and Paul Chain and become part of the Living Wreck. In 2008 the label Spittle Records published a collection of tracks entitled Here Comes The Hoo (1986-87) with a critical retrospective curated by Claudio Sorge, Franco “Lys” Dimauro, Federico Guglielmi and Luca Frazzi.


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