V/A – Challenge – No Submission-Mercenary God-No Suicide

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First italian punk/new wave compilation. NO SUICIDE: sound textures sweets and perverse in a mysterious atmosphere. A drum machine beats the rhythm, bass arpeggios hypnotic melodies, the guitars sometimes overlap and sometimes distorted crystal clear, the voice of Patti says wistfully texts in Italian “And you’re so happy,” “Roads” and “No suicide “, while substantially different from each other are all rich in attractions and are appreciated unconditionally. Patti, Punkrazio, Malachi and Stone, four No Suicide, certainly deserve attention, with the hope that the successful debut of “Challenge” will soon be followed by further demonstrations of artistic talent they possessed. MERCENARY GOD, Louis (guitar), Kermit (guitar and vocals) and Duilio (drums). Are dedicated to a sound rather harsh, born from the synthesis of various influences. The strength of Punk, setting sixties of the compositions, use of dissonant guitar solo and a special mixture of voices are the main components of “movie movie”, “Italian way of life” and “Berlin dream”, while “God in trouble “, the best song of the band, is a march from psychedelic tones and atmospheres nerve and blood. NO SUBMISSION, power and anger from Treviso. Mirko (vocals), Enzo (guitar), Diego (bass) and John (drums) give birth in “Challenge” to 4 compositions that demonstrate their excellent skills of composition and interpretation. Aggressive, very violent “The degraded man” and “UMW” characterized by rapid and sudden changes in rhythmic two songs really catchy, a bit ‘questionable hypnotic and repetitive “Is not shiftable”, and truly beautiful, slow “Beyond the end “, from the sounds dirty and sick, with an irresistible charm. “Challenge” is therefore a product far from contemptible.


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VERSION: CD, Limited Edition of 500, Papersleeve 



No Suicide – E tu sei cosi felice

No Suicide – Strade

No Suicide – Nessun Suicidio

Mercenary God – Movie Movie

Mercenary God – Italian Way of life

Mercenary God – Berlin Dream

Mercenary God – God in trouble

No Submission – The degraded man

No Submission – Ain’t Shiftable

No Submission – U.M.W.

No Submission – Beyond the end


Mini LP japanese style papersleeve packaging,  with custom OBI .



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