Paul Chain – Whited Sepulchres


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Papersleeve Edition

1 Whited Sepulchres     20:00
2 The Fox In The Park     8:15
3 Traffic     7:30
4 Two Minutes     2:00
5 Are You Ready?     8:00

Bass – Claud Galley (tracks: 2), Paul Chain (tracks: 1)
Drums – Lux Spitfire (tracks: 1), Thomas Hand Chaste (tracks: 2)
Guitar – Alexander Scardavian* (tracks: 1)
Guitar, Vocals, Organ, Synth – Paul Chain (tracks: 2 to 5)
Vocals [Cavern Vocal] – Gilas (tracks: 5)

Review from by Arnstein Petersen

The track lengths on this CD vary between the almost 21 minute long title track, ‘Whited Sepulchres’, and the 2 minute long track with the very fitting name of ‘Two Minutes’. The remaining three tracks average on 8 minutes in length.

There are several styles of music on this CD. The title track is a rather psychedelic and slightly spaced stoner doom. The whole track is basically one long piece of advanced guitar jamming. It’s not showy though. The music is well mixed to prevent this. For those of you who were hoping for a doom track, sorry, this time it’s stoner rock that Paul experiments with. The track often sounds like a doom-less Pelican playing.

The second track has more of a jazzy feel to it. It still has stoner influences and plenty of jamming, but this time there are some experimental vocals as well. Track three, ‘Traffic’, is yet another jazzy jamming track with vocals, but with a more ambient feeling and warm industrial elements. ‘Two Minutes’ is a guitar which consists of just classic guitarplay.

The fifth track, ‘Are You Ready?’, could be labelled as the opposite kind of music to any of the previous tracks. This is an ambient/industrial piece of primarily dark spoken words that give me the image of monks in a monastery, and a raw guitar sound that fades in and out. Its dark and obscure aura gives it a whole different feeling to the rest of the album.

For those who enjoy experimental music, this is definitely something to look into. The standard fan of riffing doom would probably be disappointed though. This can hardly be considered music for the masses.


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